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Leipzig is one of the cheapest cities in Germany and loads of hippies/punks!

Plagwitz is a decent and affordable area, and home to Spinnerei — a disused cotton factory that now houses art galleries, exhibitions, and film screenings.


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There's a huge forest in the south of the city center, where it should be possible to find a hidden place for camping you can find more infos at this website. Ebab is for "Von Gays für Gays. " Camping 7km (30min with bicycle/ over 1h with public transport) to centre. -- people renting their private rooms daily (choose "Tagesmiete" in the interface there).

  • globetrotter-leipzig.de - available in english, french, spanish and polish, full of addresses for Hostels, Bars, Clubs.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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  • vegan "Vokü" - there are plenty of events called "Volksküche" ("Open kitchen" / "People's kitchen") all over the city, every day in different place (in cafes, squats, youth centers..), food is mostly vegan, sometimes vegetarian, pay-as-much-as-you-want or fixed small amount (2€ for a meal).
  • Vleischerei sells vegan burgers/meals etc for good price (4-7e) and with good punk vibes.

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Hackerspaces around Leipzig.


is fine at the city center, but expect a few other people busking as well

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  • http://umsonstladen-leipzig.jimdo.com/ (only in German), freeshop-project where people can give away things that they don't need and find and take something they need and all that for free! Clothes, books, dvds and much more. Gießerstr. 16, every Tuesday & Thursday 15.00-20.00
  • 1eur-cinema, another interesting project where a movie (or documentary) is shown on a screen in a cool bar called "Kanal 30", all that tips-based (1eur is suggested). Unfortunately, there is no website or any other mean of ad, the place is found pretty much on this location, just show up and enjoy map
  • http://fernsehenuntertage.wordpress.com - monthly movie screening in an abandoned building (every time different one), half-legal, but completely safe, also tips-based
  • Leipziger Ecken - lists places in the east of Leipzig