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Public Bicycles: 1€/1week subscription for tourists. All you need is a Credit/Debit card and you can register online. Each first hour of use is free and you have to lock it again for at least 5 minutes before you can use it again. Some bikes stations are far off the center and not so far from the hitchhiking spots so it is a good alternative to get there instead of paying for the local bus. (May 2017)

Public Transport: The city buses are most common way getting around the city To ride buses in Ljubljana, you now need a card, even if you just use it once. The name is Urbana card and the cost is 2 euros. Be careful when using the vending machine, as they do not give change if you have a higher bill. (Probably outdated: blackriding is easy. When you enter the bus, just lay your wallet on the scanner and go forward. The driver won't really care about you but if he will say anything or yell after you, ignore him. The drivers usually don't speak English so even if you talk to him he won't understand you and leave you alone. This is also commonly practised by the locals.

Accommodation & Wild Camping

It might be possible to sleep in the locker room of the train station, a policeman just comes in the morning saying "Wake up", but on occasion security people have entered and told that it's not possible to sleep there.

Wild camping

Don't try putting up a tent in the city parks because you can get a fine from the police. You could try only with sleeping bag, though.

It is possible to put a tent in the upside part of Tivoli park which is half an hour walking from the city centre. It is not so flat terrain, but if you search well you should find nice spots, clean, safe and quiet. Checked in September 2015

You could try sleeping at lawn in w:Metelkova Metelkova, but be aware, there are some bars around so it will be noisy and at night and people go to pee to the lawn (where you sleep).

Under the main square bridge. (See #5)

Near the Sava River, it's a bit far from the train station, but it's unlikely that anyone will bother you. Take bus 19/19B till the north end "Tomacevo" and then take the road that goes down and turn right, you should get out of the city and pass by some farms and there you have the river where you can even swim if you have the bravery.

Sleeping in the train cars

In the winter it's not hard to find homeless locals asking for food and money or selling magazines around the city. When you find one, try to establish a friendship (most of them are well educated so English is not a problem with them) with him/her and explain what you are doing. If you are lucky enough he/she will invite you to spend a night with other homeless locals in the warm train car.


There is a nice hostel called Vila Veselova


Cheap food can be found mostly in fast food stands. The most popular in the city are "Nobel burek" or "Fast food Nobel" and "Ajda burger". All of them are open 24/7 and don't have extra charges in the night.

There is a market from Monday to Saturday at southern bank of river (vodnikov trg). It closes between 16:00 and 17:00 and there is always a lot of fruit and vegetables after the vendors. >> better check Trashwiki !

There is "Pizza Burek" which is a speciality from there, and a local made us taste the best seller in town, located in the Prazakova Ulica near the Bavarski Dvor bus station, for eur 2.30, it not the cheapest, but it's really really good. It's quarter a pizza with mushrooms, and lot of things in it, but you should definitely try it ! Note: The place is called Olimpia burek, if you are asking the locals. Note 2: You can buy burek almost anywhere, in special fast food joints and almost every bakery (pekarna). It's questionable which is "the best seller in town".

Shower & swiming

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There is free "Wifi Ljubljana" everywhere in the center that you can request a code for by using your mobile phone number. Foreign numbers work fine as well.

Most of the coffee places also provide free wifi.

Additionally, At the back of the train station, right before the tracks, there is a tourist information computer which can be used for free internet surfing by clicking in the search tab, typing what your looking for, and finding it in the results (there is no URL bar provided).

You can also go to the Faculty of Arts (Slov. Filozofska fakulteta or Filofaks) which is on Aškerčeva 2. There are computers on the left and right on the ground floor but there are more in the basement. They don't have a password. They also have coffee machines were you can get a coffee (kava) for eur 0.25. (Nov 2010). Computers are Linux based and just for web browsing, but on every floor at the end of the long hallway. Faculty is closed on Sundays, possibly also during the summer recess (2nd half of July, August) (Jun 2017).

Another option is the Slovene National and University Library (Slov. abbr. NUK), Turjaška ulica 1, also a prominent landmark so every local/guide should know where it is. Computers are free to access and use on the ground floor, to the left and right of the grand staircase. Windows based with a web browser and also an Office suite. Open Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00, Sat 9.00-13.00, Sun closed, possible shorter opening times during summer.

There is also a McD at the train station and in the city centre that as always provides free-Wifi. |busking=Good place for busking might be the fountain in the middle of the downtown, and on the streets Mestni trg and Vodnikov trg.

Second hand bookshops

Trubarjev antikvariat [1], Mestni trg 25
Cunjak - Stari trg 22 or Gallusovo nabrežje 21
Bukvarna - Hribarjevo nabrežje 15
Behemot [2] - Mestni trg 5

Cool Places

Metelkova City (full name in Slovene: Avtonomni kulturni center Metelkova mesto, 'Metelkova City Autonomous Cultural Center') is an autonomous social centre in the city center. (Wikipedia)
There is a nice place to grab a coffee or a beer and meet some locals in the downtown. The place is called Zmauc @ Rimska cesta 21, 1000 Ljubljana
Krim mountain

Hitchwiki & Trashwiki

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