Long distance walking

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Long distance walking is a difficult and potentially very rewarding way of traveling. As with any form of travel, there are many things to consider.


Before you start a long distance walk, you need to consider where you will be walking to or even if you have a specific destination you want to get to.


For navigation you can go high-tech and download a map onto a smartphone and use the phone's location to navigate. Alternatively, you could acquire a map(s) of the area you will be walking. If you are using a map and traveling through an area with very few people a compass and knowledge of how a compass works are very useful.


In order to prepare for your walk, you need to consider what type of clothing and gear will be appropriate for the area you will be in. You also need to consider how to acquire food. Some options for food include carrying it all with you (this only works if you will be walking for a few days), or stopping in towns and cities along the way to resupply, etc. Any food that you take with you should be relatively non-perishable (e.g. noodles, dried food, canned food, etc.).


At first, long distance walking is very difficult. After your first day, you may be very sore. The best way to counteract the soreness somewhat is to drink plenty of water throughout the day (2-3 liters a day. Don't just chug a liter at a time two or three times a day, because this doesn't hydrate you as well as smaller amounts throughout the day).


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