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You can go to the café "La Boussoule". At the end of the town you go out of it and you find the café on a little dune, last buildings in direction of the desert. They have an old camping place that looks like a castle. Ask the owners, they should let you sleep in the castle in exchange of cleaning it. (Mars 2014). There must be also a guy looking for volunteers somewhere in the oasis. He try to grow plants with salt water.

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There are food shop in M'hamid.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around M'hamid.

Some café or hotel have wifi. Café "La Boussole" have a slow but working wifi.


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M'hamid is the last town on the road from Zagora to the desert. A lot of people go there just to find an excursion to the desert. You can see little dunes from there, and walk to the dunes in 5-10 minutes. There is also an oasis with fields, and a nice casbah. The big dunes of Chigaga are 60km away.