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Münster, or Muenster, is a city in the western North Rhine-Westphalia 'Land' of Germany with 300,000 inhabitants and about 45,000 students. It is a very rich city as a quick look at the diamond decorated phones in the city center will confirm it to you. On the other hand, it is full of students and things happening. It is a very safe city.

The 'Aasee' is big lake right next to the city center and with a lot of parks where it is good to hang around on a sunny day. Unfortunately, Münster is quite a quite rainy city ;)

It is considered as being THE bike city in Germany, there are apparently several bikes per person!


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People living in Münster for longer than a few months usually get a bike as it is a great city for cycling. Be careful however that lights are compulsory and that you will certainly be fined if you don't have them at night.

Walking is mainly very doable.

Public transport

There are buses going all over Münster and further. Blackriding is doable in the trains, not really in the buses and a fine is 40€. Students have a 'Semesterticket' and can take all buses and trains in North Rhine-Westphalia for free (even inside other cities). Try to borrow one if you know students because tickets inspectors never check the name on the Semesterticket.

Repair bike

You can repair yourself your bike for 2€50 at the JIB Fahrradwerkstatt. Some parts are for free. It is not open everyday and has some restrictive opening hours so check before going.


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Free camping is easily doable by walking a bit further in the parks on the North-West part of the lake, this is following the right side of the lake coming from the city center. Once you see the bridge that crosses the lake, about 20-30 minutes walking, cross the bridge road (but stay on the right side of the lake!) and you should find a spot there.

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Blood donation

With UKM University Clinic you get food after giving blood. The Red Cross has a cafeteria as well. A way to eat for free and help a bit.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Münster.
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Travel destinations

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Other stuff

  • Na dann is a paper and online brochure about all things going on in Münster ('Veranstaltungen'), they have second-hand announces as well ('Kleinanzeigen').

Where to party?

This website gives a list of a lot of pubs and evenings in Münster.