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Medicine Hat, AB is a medium seized city in Western Canada. Typically, most travelers consider it a stop off point on their way to BC, or out East. There is definitely a "You're worth what you earn" mentality, which can present difficulties for hitchhikers. It can get pretty Hot in the summer so bring water, and sun screen.


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Medicine Hat does not have the best transit system in the world, but it is better than walking across the city. Fare $2.75


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Wilderness Camping

Medicine Hat, has an extensive network of coulees throughout the city, as well as a lot of green space in the river valley.

  • Warning: There are Rattle Snakes in the area. They are rare within City limits, and less venomous than their southerly cousins, but a bite can still put you down for a few days. You will hear them before you see them.

Most Albertan Cities, and Towns, at one time had municipal campgrounds. Many have been privatized, but "Gas City Campground" is still run by the city.


They keep a pretty tight lid on abandon properties here.


  • There are public swimming pools scattered around the city. Ones worth noting are the YMCA, and the Leisure Centre
  • A church called the Dream Centre, they offer laundry, showers, computers, and more. They are good people, but it is a bit of a walk. It's on the way to Red Cliff. Their website.

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Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Medicine Hat.

The city library Has wireless internet, as well as computers available. Its downtown at the corner of 1st St SE, and 4th Ave SE.


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