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Monterey is a city in the United States. It is mostly frequented by tourists and is expensive. The Monterey Peninsula is the jumping off point for anyone interested in hitching through or to Big Sur.


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Veteran's Park is located relatively central in Monterey. Everyone will know where it is if you ask around. They have Bike and Hike access for $6.00 a night per person, hot showers, bathrooms, and electricity hookups. If you arrive late at night you may get away with walking out unnoticed, but the ranger is an observant guy. He won't sweat you too hard as long as it's only a couple nights.

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Hackerspaces around Monterey.
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Places to avoid

Fisherman's Wharf has alot of undercover police. Downtown Monterey is exorbitantly priced. There are many homeless in Monterey who hang out in the central bus stop and fisherman's wharf areas.