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Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

Public transport works well, hitch-hiking in the urban area works as well.


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.
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Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.
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Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Moscow.

One can find free wifi almost everywhere.


Arbat (the famous pedestrian zone) is mostly used for that purpose.

Travel destinations

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Second Hand Shops

Charity shop "Lavka Radostey" on Tsvetnoy Bulvar subway station can be checked out to find some fancy things.

Places to spend time

  • Vinzavod gallery
  • A lot of activities on the Bolotny island, sometimes there are free lectures in the Strelka institute
  • There are hippy meetings on April, 1st on the Gogolevskij boulevard and on the June, 1st in the park Tsarisino.