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Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is quite isolated country in Southeast Asia. Although most people (including Lonely Planet) connect Myanmar only with its bad government, this is not the whole story and should not be the only fact to focus on. Rather it is much more worth seeing Myanmar how it really is: A beautiful country, with hospitable and friendly people and an incredible rich culture. This country has so much to give, it is awesome.


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After Cyclone Nargis in May 2008, there was a huge problem for humanitarian workers to get into the country. MSF ended up finding a route that worked for them. They found a sympathetic official in the London consulate who was either authorized to, or simply took the initiative to, issue a small number of visas per day for MSF. All sections of MSF forwarded passports to a single MSF-UK person, who trickled them through official.

This was in marked contrast to the hordes of people caught in Bangkok clamoring for access. In a certain way, the farther removed from the big noise and confusion, the better.

Just a thought, if it comes up again.


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