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Nicaragua is a country in Central America, a beautiful place with very friendly people and low rates of crime. As an "up and coming" destination, it is still relatively cheap, especially in comparison to neighboring Costa Rica.


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All international flights arrive into the capital city, Managua. Be warned that you will be mobbed by very persistant taxi drivers as soon as you try to exit the terminal on arrival.

In terms of getting around the country, there are 3 types of buses. Firstly is the well known "chicken bus" found across Latin America. Often, these buses are denoted with the phrase "ordinario" and, whilst very cheap, they will stop for everyone and everything, so journeys can take a long time to complete. General advice is not to use the chicken buses after dark and to keep an eye on your belongings.

The second type of bus are the "expressos" - more expensive than the chicken buses, but less likely to stop and thus are usually quite a bit quicker.

The third type are microbuses. These are the most expensive and least predictable option, but also the quickest. Often, these buses have no fixed schedule and simply leave when they are full.


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Gallo pinto, gallo pinto, gallo pinto. In many places, this dish is served with every meal and is made using rice and beans which are boiled then fried together. Expect tortillas with everything.

There are plenty of options available, however, especially when browsing through the farmers' markets.


Internet connectivity is good in cities, with many places often offering free wifi. However, once outside of urban areas, don't expect to get online (with few exceptions).


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For European citizens, an advanced visa is not required. You will be given a tourist card valid for 90 days on arrival in Managua and will have to pay US$10 for it.


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