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Nomad Hacks

Your a decent traveller, know know to bargain, can spot trickery a km away. Thats great, but there might be other shortcuts or hacks you need while you research, plan and travel.

Onward Flights

As seasoned travellers will know an onward or flight flight ticket can be required by the Immigration authorities of certain countries before passengers can check in at their departure airport. There are many ways to circummvent (German) this requiremnt.

Rent a ticket: You can rent a flight tickets (travel itineraries) with your name on them to use as proof of onward travel plans when you travel abroad through flyonward ($9.99/24h), onwardflights ($7.00/24h) or KeyFlight ($19.90/7days). Of course, you can also book and cancel a flight yourself if you use a travel agent.

Fake a ticket: You can also download a image of ticket from the web, and Photshop it. You can also use return flights or Key Flight as a means to fake a ticket. It might be best if you have an old ticket in your email folder.

Disposable Flight: You can book a cheap disposable flight ticket fro ma low cost airline far in advance, and simply dont use it. You can take a chance and book a bus ticket. You might need to persuade airline checkin, immigration etc. that this is a legitiamte way to leave a country (over land).

Refundable tickets: You could book (and later cancel) a fully refundable airline tickets for almost all airlines. This may be an expensive business or first-class tickets. These tickets are at least twice as expensive as a normal ticket. Before you buy, check the fine print. There may be high cancellation fees or you'll get a credit check rather thana refund. You can find refundable flights on Travelocity , by clicking the Advanced Options "refundable flights".

Cheap Flights Hacks

Other Hacks

  • How to Cross a Frozen Lake.
  • How to get past customs with your digital privacy intact. International tourists are subject to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspection. This inspection may include electronic devices such as computers, disks, drives, tapes, mobile phones and other communication devices, cameras, music and other media players and any other electronic or digital devices.