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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads, started by some of the same community who brought you Trustroots, Hitchwiki, Trashwiki, Couchwiki, Sharewiki and more.


For help on basic editing, check the Hitchwiki tutorial, how to edit articles and syntax (codes to format text). This platform uses mediawiki, the same software the Wikipedia help pages have been written for.

Always feel free to leave a message on the portal page or one of the admins talk pages.

Add content

We are happy when nomads share their knowledge about traveling the world! To not get lost in technical stuff, we try to make it easy for you by creating forms. Please use them and tell us, if you want to add other types of content via forms!

For existing pages there is the edit button at the top and the recommended Edit with form link for some types of pages. Let us know, if you are missing a field to enter valuable info.


You can add locations using this form. When coordinates are defined it will appear on this map.

To a add a community (for example a mobile tribe), use this form.

For cities the form is here and for countries here. If you encounter a new transport company (e.g. for a bus, train, plane) use this form.

neat features: tags, How tos, skills, services, events

  • tag pages: {{tag|TAG1|..|TAG10}}
  • tell others how you do things: add recipe
  • think of your skills and start sharing: add skill, offer to teach: {{teaches|SKILL or RECIPE}}
  • publish an event: {{prepares|EVENT NAME|comment}}
  • a place or group offers a service? add it and use {{offers|SERVICE PAGE}}


Table of Contents (TOC)

Use __TOC__ to place the table of contents somewhere in your article, or __NOTOC__ to suppress it. This section uses {{TOC right}} to show it on the right.


To learn about the structure of categories in Nomadwiki start browsing here.

Add a Category to your article with [[Category:NAME]] (except for cities, countries and locations, see below). A link to a category is added with a leading colon: [[:Category:NAME]].

That's it, you made it through the intro!

Are you interested in the administration of Nomadwiki?