North Korea


Until a revolution or some form of perestrojka, North Korea (officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK) is probably the last country on the face of the planet Earth where you cannot go put up your thumb on the side of the road.

Country borders China to the north, Russia to the north east and South Korea to the south.


There is a nice North Korea travel documentary called "DPRK: The Land Of Whispers". You can watch it on Youtube.

Guy Delisle wrote a graphic novel about his two months stay in Pyongyang. See Wikipedia page

How to get there

However, you can actually go to North Korea; only independent travel to North Korea is not permitted. As long as you're willing to pay (quite expensive actually) and observe the rules there, you'll be fine and probably in for a treat in the world's most mysterious country.

Country has limited slots for visitors and you can go only on specific important dates and always with an assigned tour agency.

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