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Nova Gorica is a city in Slovenia. It is situated in the west of the country, bordering directly with Italy. It is kind of merged with the Italian city Gorizia. Nova Gorica has a small university, and quite a few casinos to get rid of all your money. Close to the city is the river Soča, which is a perfect spot for hot summer days. There are many beautiful places to see in the area.


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  • Public transport: All public transportation is FREE in Nova Gorica since April 2006. From the Gorizia station on the Italy side, getting to the Nova Gorica station on the Slovenian side costs 2 euros.


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There is a place called Presta, it is more like a dormitory though, and they will charge you money. If you're looking for cheaper options, try the hospitality exchange websites, or go ask the local skaters at the skatepark, they are friendly people and might help you. It is located behind the "Perla" casino.

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There is a local market every saturday morning (near the main bus station), you can get good local homegrown food cheaper than in supermarkets. Sometimes if you go into small bakeries in the evening just minutes before they close, you can ask for any bread that hasn't been sold.

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