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Name Omni Commons
Type sharespace
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Location 4799 Shattuck


Omni Commons is a sharespace in Oakland , California (United States).

"A collective space to share and commune in Oakland, California."

"What if one of the largest community centers and venue spaces in the Bay Area was run in a spirit of radical generosity, by a volunteer collective where everybody is a leader? We're trying to do just that"


  • Art Bison Design Coop is a feminist organization producing radical screenprints and hand-dyed products.
  • Bay Area Public School is a free, self-organizing, anti-capitalist school with radical and contestatory politics.
  • Chiapas Support Committee supports autonomous health care and education in Zapatista communities.
  • Counter Culture Labs is a citizen science and DIYbio space that is open sourcing biology.
  • Food Not Bombs has been bringing free food to parks, political events, neighborhood gatherings, and social centers since 1991.
  • Global Communication, Education and Art provides support for immigrant families in the form of language classes, youth music programs, and homework assistance.
  • Global Women's Strike - Omni Collective is an international network working toward the return of military spending to the community starting with women, the main caregivers everywhere.
  • Liberated Lens is a radical film & video collective dedicated to social change.
  • Phat Beets is a food justice group building farmers markets and gardens in North Oakland.
  • Sudo Room is a place to build, learn, reclaim technology for the people, and create alternatives to the tech industry
  • Timeless, Infinite Light is an Oakland small press focused on contemporary poetry and critical theory.

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