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One Community is a 100% volunteer-operated non-profit and non-governmental organization creating open source resources and solutions for all aspects of sustainable and globally-regenerative living.

One Community’s self-replicating-hub model is capable of creating a sustainable planet within 30 years. We imagine a world where all of the hubs being created collaborate with one another, share ideas, resources, and work together as a network to heal the planet and transform the global lifestyle to a more enjoyable, fulfilling, healthy, and sustainable one.

One Community is being designed as the first teacher/demonstration hub, functioning as an experiential learning model that facilitates mass participation in simultaneously addressing the most pressing challenges of our species through:

  • A duplicable model solution that creates additional solution-creating models
  • Building seven completely different duplicable self-sufficient village/city prototypes
  • Becoming the #1 provider in the world of open source and free-shared solutions
  • Redefining sustainability both as an open source and a Highest Good of All industry
  • Evolving and expanding ALL aspects of comprehensively sustainable infrastructure and living


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