Plitvička Jezera

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Plitvička Jezera is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Croatia.


There's nowadays entering fee 180 Kunas (24€). There are two main entrances.

  • You can try passing by walking towards the restaurant on the left of the entrance number 2.
  • There also should be an asphalted road inside the park from the main road. If you just reach it then you are inside.
  • From the satellite pictures, you can find many places where it's easy to enter directly from the main road.
  • For the ferry nobody is asking for the tickets, since it's included with the entrance. You can use it without problems.
  • Another option would be to enter in the early morning before the employees are arriving.

One nomad's personal experience (thanks to Raphael): To get into the park is quite easy, there is really no big control or big fences, I did by the entrance number 2, taking the left side and keep walking than you will see in your side places that put you inside, however you can just keep walking through the road of the tram and you will be inside anyway. By the left side, you can at any time go out of the road and start a trail around the park (as I did) or just go till the end where the tram stops with the tourist and just walk all way down in the bridges made of wood and passing by the beautiful waterfalls they have. Either right or left side of the entrance 2 you get inside the park and I'd recommend the right side first to see the main waterfall.

  • there are some park employees with a badge walking around that can randomly ask you to produce your ticket, but if you're smart and alert you will be fine.


It is not hard to find a place to sleep, but near the closing time, the park gets searched and if they find you, you will be asked to either prove you're a guest at one of the hotels or to leave the park. However, along the way to the park entrance, at the right side of the restaurant Poljana, there is an abandoned build with stairs leading up. It is possible to put up a tent there and offers great rain cover. No one should disturbe you but be secretive and hide well, since wild-camping is not allowed.


Hotel Bellevue has a free open WiFi with no password and pretty decent speed. Except during the breakfast, lunch and dinner time, you can sit freely in the restaurant, use your laptop and charge it at the table. The people are pretty nice and most probably won't ask you if you're a guest or not.


There are free toilets around the park, near the parking-lot and at each entrance. In the hotel as well.


At the left side of the entrance 2, along the tram way, you can find a source of cold mineral water (perfect)!


Food is the drawback here, there are no markets around and table-diving is not very useful, since there aren't no free meals included with the entrance fee. The prices, however, for usual touristic places are not that bad. You can have an entire roast chicken for around 8 EUR + 1,25 EUR for a portion of fries. You can have a continental breakfast in the hotel as an outside guest for around 7 EUR and eat as much as you can. You could also just enter during the breakfast time and eat - hardly ever do the people ask if you are a guest or not. In case they ask you, just say your room (use a range that you have in the hotel like 202).

Storing your backpack

If you have a heavy backpack, you can leave it in the hotel Bellevue for 10 Kunas or 1 EUR all day, since it might be more enjoyable to hike in the park without carrying or having to worry about your stuff. But of course, you can also just hide your stash somewhere.


The boats and the train is probably the only part where they really check tickets, so it's best to avoid them and enjoy the walk.


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