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Airport to city

The airport is walkable distance to the city center, it might take a bit of time but you can hitchhike on the way. The airport-city center is a busy road and you will probably find a car before.

Buses are running as well no worries! But do not take normal buses as they are more expensive, take the small ones and ask for the price before

Small buses

To move around Port Vila, you can jump into small buses just telling them where you want to go. The funny is, that they usually bring the first person that came in, then second and so on until your turn arrives. It is unefficient but allows you to visit the city.

Ferries and sailing boats

The ferries leave next to the market hall but the office in a bit more tricky to find. Ask locals From the center you will see all the sailing boats in the harbour. If you face the sea, follow on the left until you find a place with a lot of "Zodiac"-type inflatable boats. It means you are where people on sailing boats come from their big boat to the land. From there, ask all people where they are going and try to find the one that suits you. It can take a little while. If you have a good feeling with some people but that cannot take you, try to ask for a kayak if they have one and then go and see all the sailing boat in the harbour. If you continue on the left side for about 20-30 minutes, trying to stay as close a possible to the sea, you will find a cargo deck with ships delivering the other islands. Ask the people working there if they can take you! Might not be free, but a bit cheaper than the ferry

Flying, above the clouds and the universe

Regular flights are leaving from the airport to the other islands! Depending on the island, not everyday though. This is the most expensive options, except cruise ships maybe.


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Food is more expensive than on the other islands because the people do not grow directly in the capital but have to import from the countryside or from Australia/New-Zealand for all other products (from washing liquid to biscuit). There is a big market opened until nightfall where you can find all kind of locally grown and home made products. Get some coconut oil as well to fit perfectly in the culture and have a nice and smooth skin, oh yeaaah

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Port Vila.

There are plenty of cafés with free-wifi and internet cafés although they are not very cheap. Some hostels have it as well, check it out

The phone coverage is really good on the island and it is reasonnably priced compared to Europe or Australia, but not really for the income of the local people.


Except for tourist busking, not many possibilities here.

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Have a look on the Efate and the Vanuatu article to give you a better idea how the country works.