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Poznań is a city on the Warta river in west-central Poland, in the region called Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). It is best known for its renaissance old town, destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt, and Ostrów Tumski cathedral.


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Poznan has got a very extensive AND efficient tram network, integrated also with buses in peripheral areas. Trams run until 11pm, but there are some night buses. You can check out all the schedules and network maps here: http://www.ztm.poznan.pl/?locale=en_US

The standard one-way ticket is valid for 40 minutes and it costs 4.60zl (just a bit more than a 1 euro), but blackriding is quite easy. You have to pay attention cause the employees checking for tickets wear normal clothes and just pretend to be passengers, but mostly they can't speak English, and it's better if you show them your passport if they ask for documents, cause there's no address on it. They will think you are collaborating and will just leave you alone. They might ask you if you have any cash on you, and of course the answer is no.


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There are a few very cheap hostels (like 5 euros per night) and a lot of couchsurfing hosts. If you visit in cold seasons, it's incredibly easy to find a host.

Make sure you have local currency (złoty) when you pay hostels. If you use Euros, the rate is much higher. If you need to change money, go to the "Kantor" in Stary Browar, which is a very big mall in the center. It's open every day and you can easily find it on every map (to retrieve a map, go to the tourist point in Old Market Square.

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Food is fairly cheap. Don't be tricked into thinking that restaurants in the center are expensive, cause they're not. It's full of cheap restaurants with no waiters, where you need to stand in line, order food and then take it to your table when it's ready. They're all about traditional Polish food, and a serving of Pierogi can be around 3 euros. You can add some vegetables and juice without spending any more than 5 euros for the whole meal.

Very good choice for cheap food is Piccolo. It is chain of small fast-foods which are mainly serving dishes with pasta. Pasta bolognese or pasta funghi (for vegeterians) cost from 5 zl. Also good idea is to check some University during working days since most of them have little student restaurant with very cheap food and no one care if you are student or not (If someone even ask something, say that you are on Erasmus)

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Poznan.

There's a huge McDonald's offering free wifi all the time at 27 Grudnia street. You can use wifi even without entering the store. However, there's plenty of stores offering wifi all over the center. If you need to connect to the internet, it won't certainly be a challenge.

Also, every big shopping mall offer free internet.


I haven't busked personally, but over 2 months I spent there I couldn't see many buskers. The best location is definitely Old Market Square. I once asked a busker if he needed a permit and he said it's not necessary. Keep in mind that all the tourists gather in front of the bell tower every day at midday, so that's the perfect time to do it.

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