Republic of Macedonia

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Macedonia (Former Yugoslavic Republic of) is a country located in the Balkans, Southern Europe, bordering Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. It is not a member state of the European Union and neither of the Schengen Agreement which makes it easier to get in for most of nationalities and different kind of passport holder.

The country is gorgeously beautiful, stunning mountains, canyons, lakes and wild nature. There is a quite active hippie community organising Rainbow gatherings quite often, especially in summer.


Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

Hitchhiking works very well. Urban/local transportation is usually cheap or reasonable and long distance paid transport may be affordable depending on your budget.



Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

In small town (e.g Struga on Ohrid lake) you can find a private informal accomodation even for 5€/night. In more touristic places prices equal average european standards.

Hospitality exchange works usually very well and also wild camping is very doable in most of the country (don't leave your belongings unattended inside the tent though!even in remote areas, posthitchgathering 2014 teaches..)

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.

Dumpster diving works usually well near supermarkets (e.g. Ohrid), food is generally cheaper than other european countries and average priced for the area.


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Not very rentable the currency but still good opportunities in main cities like Skopje, the capital, or touristic cities like Ohrid.


No visa (nor passport) required for most of EU countries passport holders as well as for surrounding countries (Serbian, Albanian) and several others (Russian? South American?).


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