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Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Black riding the trams is very possible. In one hitchhikers experience there were no tram conductors selling ticket on the tram or controllers checking for tickets.

Accommodation & Wild Camping


In summer it is possible to camp by the river Miljacka a little to the east of the city. Just follow the river east out of the city, follow 'Ambassador Drive' for a little bit, and just past the indoor sports centre you'll see good places to camp on the other side of the river. There is no bridge to get there, so you have to wade across (watch out for water snakes!), but the water only comes up to just under the knees. Its unlikely someone would come to this spot as the only way to get there is to cross the river, but it is still a little visible from the busy walking track Ambassador Drive. GPS: 43.858125, 18.44191

There are plenty of frogs and snakes around the river indicating that the water is pretty clean. Four hitchhikers camped in this spot and used the river water for cooking no problem. There is even open wifi possible.

Shower & swiming

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Food is very cheap in Bosnia, and Sarajevo is no exception.


There are plenty of open wifi connections around in Bosnia! Just walk around checking for open wifi and you should soon find one.


Sarajevo is one of the best cities in Eastern Europe for buskers. It is a small capital city with many many tourists. There is a place called Chesma in the center of the Carshiya which leads to pedestrian streets that are full of tourists. If you play here, you can make money quickly, but the police will often move you along (but will rarely fine you). There is also a large pedestrian street in the commercial center adjacent to the old town. You can play in front of the church or near the entrance to the park both during the day and in the evening. Bosnian currency is fairly strong and people give generously. If you look for something more quiet, a good place is the square in teh entrance of BBI shopping center.

Cool Places

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