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The Valley of the Moon (iLa valle della Luna) is a small valley, about 500 m long, located in the western part of the headland Cape Testa , in the municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura in Sardinia. The original name is Cala Grande, and "Valley of the Moon" is the name given to this place by hippies in the 1960s.

According to Diego Ferioli‎ on the Hithgathering Group on Facebook "It's possibly Italy's last hippy hideout, where some people live in caves."

Diego says there are 7 "valleys" or little bays, and at least one of them (Cala Grande) is somewhat permanently inhabited.

The "hippies" that live there are a diverse bunch of people, some of them live on the street during most of the year and periodically gather there where they make a scant living with the alms left by tourists. Some annoying people who sometimes visit the place (free camping there is widely practiced and tolerated by the authorities, an exception in Italy) leave trash and misbehave, so the permanent inhabitants see themselves a little bit like the "guardians" of the place. If you visit them, bring them anything they might need, and share - drinks, oil, pasta, bread, cheese, etc., and/or leave some coins in the totem as a community offering. There is also a fresh water fountain, which is not a spring - the water comes from 3 big basins where rain water is collected. It is good to drink but that's the only thing they use it for, otherwise it runs out before the end of summer.