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Seattle is a city at the North West coast of United States.


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Nothing special. You can take buses around the city and there's the monorail that connects the City Center to the Westlake Center at the corner of 5th and Pine. $2.25 one way (June 2015‎). It's fun to ride at least once. You can ride it forward or backward. There are plenty of steep hills, which makes it annoying for both driving and walking.


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Expensive, but need more info.

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Pike Place market has a large selection of fresh produce, cooked food, and other random food items to choose from. A bit expensive though. I really liked Beecher's Handmade Cheese (their Italian twists and mac n' cheese), Piroshsky Piroshsky's, and The Crumpet Shop, although competition is fierce, so expect at lest pretty good food anywhere you go. The Armory,which is right next to where the Monorail stops in the City Center, also has a large selection of restaurants to choose from, more mall cafe style.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Seattle.

Easy to find WiFi.


Busking is more accepted on the hill than the U-District. Pike Place is common for busking, but they have timed slots in certain areas, especially next to the statue of the golden pig, and people are really strict about it.

Travel destinations

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Check for great information on hikes in the entire state.


  • Space Needle is quite overpriced. You can get great views for free from the Water Tower in volunteer park (involves a lot of steps) or for about $10 at the Columbia Observatory, which also cool information about Seattle.
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass is cool, but overpriced unless you're a huge fan of glass sculptures and Dave Chihuly. Their restaurant is even more expensive.
  • EMP Museum
  • Walking along the waterfront. The views are beautiful, and it's free. You could walk from Coleman Pier 52, all the way to Centennial Park, and then some.
  • Expect tons of homeless people begging at Pike Place Market.
  • The ferris wheel is cool if you don't mind spending extra money.
  • The ferry to and from Bremerton is a nice way to take a cruise through the sound for about $8-9 round trip. In Bremerton right next to the dock, there is a nice little park and also a Naval Museum.
  • A popular LGBT-friendly place is the Capitol Hill district.