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- PC Bangs - There are m any 24 hour internet cafes where you can sleep. PC Bangs are everywhere, usually in buildings in the basement or on the second or third floor. Just look for big signs that say "PC".

- DVD rooms - Also used to bring a date. Rent a movie or two, and sleep instead. They provide private rooms.

- Many "nap" cafes, where you can sleep from 1 to 11 hours. Most are in business districts such as Gangnam District in southern Seoul or Jongno District in central Seoul.

For example, Kkooljam24, a sleep cafe in Gangnam. One hour is 5,500 won ($5.07) while two hours will cost 9,900 won. An 11-hour pass is also available for 15,000 won. “Mr. Healing,” one of the biggest nap cafes with 60 branches across the country, specialises in massage. “Cool Jam” in Gangnam and many others have a similar concept, but with classical music in background. “Nazzzam” in Anguk-dong has brought hammocks into cafes, while “First Class” offers first-class airline comfort.

- Noraebang (karaoke) 

- You don't have to sing. You can rent rooms for as little as ₩1,000 an hour between 6 a.m. and noon. For example, Makekineko Noraebang, with an address:

  1. 603 32 Hyoryung Building, Mugyo-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (서울특별시 중구 무교로 32 효령빌딩 603호); +82 2 755 3052.

- Goshiwons are one of Korea’s best-kept secrets. A gohsiwon is a small fully-furnished room that has everything you will need to live. These rooms are often compared to dormitories, and in many ways they are very similar. Start from From 20,000KRW per night.

- Laundry Places - Always clean, and usually have free WIFI, coffee making facilities (1-2 dollars), a TV with remote, phone chargers and even massage chairs. I like washenjoy places. They have CCTV, so don't be an ass and sleep there.

- Motels - Usually can be rented by the hour. Seen by many as a private place to escape home, and a place to bring your partner. Yanolja is an app that allows you to book one of 17,000 motels.Motels are usually cheaper than hotels.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Korea Trustroots, BeWelcome


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Internet connectivity

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Hongdae is a neighborhood in northeastern Seoul known for its “busking.” The area surrounding Korea’s Hongik University. Sinchon is also good, as its close to Yonsei, Sogang and Ewha Universities. Daehangn (central Seoul) is good for older audience. Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC) grants a few buskers exclusive rights to perform at a street in Cheonggye Stream, central Seoul, abut yo uare not allowed to collect money!

Tecnically, if you're not on an F visa you generally can't earn money outside your visa. So to even start with, a lot of buskers would violate their visa. Some Koreans are sensitive about the legality of foreigners busking. They also dont like amplification (noise pollution), if its a residential area.

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