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Main form of transport: Transport type::bus


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Price indication

With SoBus you can book your bus tickets cheaper and more simply in 10+ countries of Europe. They reference indeed the bus tickets of all main companies, such as Flixbus, Ouibus, Isilines or National Express... You can directly see but also purchase directly the cheapest tickets. The UX is optimized with only 3 pages from the homepage to the payment. SoBus also includes carpooling and train, as it is sometimes a better option. They have developed an algorithm that can combine routes, guaranteeing the best time-price ratio.In the end, their vision is to make the first intermodal booking platform in Europe.


Sobus is a French startup founded by two entrepreneurs in 2016. Their ambition is to create the first ticket sales platform for all means of transport (bus, train, carpooling ...). They have started by focusing on bus in Europe. The website was born in June 2016 following the liberalization of bus market in France thanks to Macron's Law. is now the first booking platform dedicated to bus tickets in Europe.