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Tampere (Swedish Tammerfors) is the "second city" of Finland with a population of over 200,000. It has quite active punk/squatting scene. It's sometimes referred as Finland's "punk capital". Check Takku.net for news about squats / scene.


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Accommodation & Wild Camping

ity has loads of parks and forests in and around. Just open a map and you should be able to find quiet enough spot to pitch your tent. Just avoid obvious spots for "forests bars" as they gather drunk people usually around sunset.

Shower & swiming

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Jeesus Cafe is a church related charity organization that gives free food away that would otherwise have been thrown away by the supermarkets. You can find them at Ilomäentie 5, from 14h every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Get a code when you come and be prepared to wait for at least an hour. But the food is often nice and there are many cool people and students to talk with.

=Alternative bars

Kahvilla (bohemic bar)
Kahvila Valo, Puutarhakatu 11 (brilliant barista)
Café Europa, Aleksanterinkatu 29 (popular, nice interior)
Vohvelikahvila (tiny & cute, waffles)


You can access internet for free in the main library "Metso" (pääkirjasto Metso). There are about eight standing computers, which you can use for 30 minutes, or maybe a bit longer if there is no queue. Look for the bunch of computers with library users around them, the other stands are for the library database only - you will also discover them when you try to navigate off the library homepage (unsuccessfully).

There is also an immigrants welcome centre UNIPOINT. Here there are free to use PCs, a mall kitchen and staff that speak English, Suomi, Deutsch that can help you with a range of stuff. Unipoint is open in the day in the old library (vanhakirjasto) in the main square by the main bus station. There are also maps of the city in Unipoint for free. It is run by the council.

In the main rail station there is a tourist info centre also with free net access. It is on the left past the ticket purchase area.

There is pay for net access in Tampere airport.

Cool Places

Lompanlinna Traveller Commune is a commune for people who are going somewhere. It’s a good spot to have a rest, meet other people and connect. Address: Peltokatu 33.

Hitchwiki & Trashwiki

https://hitchwiki.org/en/Tampere https://trashwiki.org/en/Tampere