Tiny Guide for the Vegan Traveler

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Survival manual for travelers and workers who don’t have a place to cook

This is an ebook I wrote, I share it with the community of Nomad Wiki. As written in the introduction, it's intended to be a manual from my experience as vegan traveler. Enjoy!


Chapter 1 • Introduction
Chapter 2 • Long-lasting energetic recipes
Waybread (Lembas)
Wonder sandwiches
Crunchy beans
Chapter 3 • Common ingredients for on the fly meals
The markets
Seeds and dried fruits
Canned legumes
Tomato sauce
Vegetables preserved in oil and in vinegar
Chocolate bars
Chapter 4 • Some tips
Regional vegan cuisine
Local ingredients
Get organized
Access to kitchen
Harvesting spontaneous herbs and fruits
Hare Krishna
Chapter 5 • Essential checklist
The knife
The salt
The hermetically sealed container
The grater
The pot
The spices
The bottle for the water
Chapter 6 • Author
Other publications

Tiny Guide for the Vegan Traveler: 1. Intro - 2. Long-lasting energetic recipes - 3. Ingredients for on the fly - 4. Tips - 5. Essential - 6. Author