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Torino is well known to be on the cradle of the situationism in Italy. If you're interested in Politic, there is a lot to do in the Alternative Scene. It's very nice because they are doing a lot of events in some squats in which they are spreading a lot of texts and books. The center is lovely but very expensive. The rest of the city is ok but be careful if you're a girl alone by night in Aurora, it is just full of groups of males who are basically harassing you (no matter if you're 90 years old or if you're squinting.)


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Torino has one line of metro (which is pretty useless) trams and bus. The transports are pretty expensive but it's very easy to blackride. Everybody does it. The controlers are wearing uniforms. And in the tram you can stay close to the machine and pay a ticket if you see them coming (or just get out off the tram if you have time.) If you get busted, just pretend that you don't speak italian and that you didn't know that you should have pay a ticket. Just act as a retard they'll probably let you go especially if you're a foreigner.


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There are a few squats in Torino (El paso, Asylo Occupato, La cavallerizza) — you could try to crash for a night at those.


There's a big park called Parco Valentino; it is very big and full of hippies.

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There is fruit and vegetable market that works every day until 4 pm, on via Beathollet. Usually people there are nice, if you ask, they give a lot; also there are a lot of things thrown away in the recycle bins behind the market.

Also in some small streets if you see a supermarket, look around, if there are some big recycle bins, look inside, sometimes you can find nice surprises in there :)))

Also on corso Regina Margherita, on Piazza della Republica there is a fruit and vegetable market, which works until 2 pm, also there you can recycle

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As far as we know, you don`t need permit, there are no rules for busking there. A lot of times police just passed by us, never said anything, nobody complained even if we play for 2 hours on the same spot. In general, the whole center is a good place for playing, a lot of pedestrian streets. Only one thing - we were there in August and the city was almost empty, the locals are all on vacation this month, and there were not much tourists.

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