Trustroots Iberian Collective 2018

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tl;dr We’re organizing a Trustroots Iberian Collective in Autumn 2018 in Andalusia.

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Announced on our blog.

Iberian Collective


A Collective is a time and space bound group of people choosing to work non profit on the same cause they believe in, like hospitality (exchange) or contributing in helping for any other reason.

In short, we rent a space for volunteer work on Trustroots.


Trustroots has been around for a while now, and the Community is growing nicely with amazing people. This is the reason Trustroots needs some more love and help energy to keep moving on. Now it’s time to accelerate things a bit.

Trustroots is reaching out for YOU.


We started in October and aim to keep it going till at least December 2018. In other words, TR Autumn ’18 Collective.



We rented a beach house in La Antilla, in South West of Spain, near the frontier to Portugal.

This a particular interesting area for few reasons, like its mild Autumn weather (some people would call it Summer), kilometers of beach to walk, and tons of places to trip to in the near by area. This zone holds the largest protected area in Spain, including a National Park, is also close to spectacular rocky beaches in Algarve, beautiful and big Sevilla is 90 minutes away and it has all the peace of the ocean right on the corner.

If you are coming from or going to Africa around those dates, this can also be a good place to make a stop and give the TR Community a hand (please read below) as part of your adventures.

We have a place where we can volunteer on something we love, TR Community, and also have a place to share an international helping spirit.

Internet connection

A wifi hotspot could be usable solution, 1€/day, up to 150 Mbit/s on 4G


We have some awesome people in the network now. We want to reach out and get some of these creative minds together in one space.

We are all sharing the place, work, ideas, and how we would like to contribute or how TR should grow. However, sometimes work and fun go hand & hand and we want this to be one of those.

Food (Veg & Omni), shared accomodation and optional activities will be organized for volunteers willing to run the extra mile to help TR be accesible to more people.


  • reach out to members
  • figure out how Trustroots Foundation can get a regular income stream
  • more/better feedback to members who communicate
  • activate 10+ volunteers
  • activate 3+ programmers
  • some features:
    • better trust features
    • release references
    • more geolocation
    • work out meet/meeting/events feature
    • add tribe communication feature


relatively simple

Side effects

Wanna help?

We knew you want!

Most Welcome:

  • Coding: geeks, hackers, especially if you’re well versed in JavaScript (both frontend and Node.js)
  • Designers, artists
  • Writers, authors
  • Community Reachers and Connectors
  • Babysitters, yes, if you like kids, you are in :)
  • Cook, cooks asistants
  • anything else, let us know

Contact Kasper through Trustroots or by email kasper at trust the roots dot org.

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Trustroots - Iberian Collective