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Turku(Åbo) is one of the oldest cities in Finland. It has a big university so cultural life is bustling.


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Turku harbour (satama) has ferry connections to all around Baltic sea, for instance to Germany, Åland islands and Sweden.


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Sleeping outside

To catch the morning ferry to Sweden, it might be possible and safe to sleep in the bushes not far from the castle Turun Linna. Better stay out of sight and beware of ticks. The eastern riverside north of the big bridge (Helsinginkatu) is a calm place as well.

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  • Kirjakahvila has daily vegan lunches for 5 euro. They also arrange events, bicycle repair workshops etc. Generally a cool place to meet people.
  • Elävän kulttuurin Koroinen ry This place is an old farm, now hosting events and an organic store, bike repair workshop and a cafe on Sundays.
  • Student lunch in campus areas and student cafeterias is 2,60e but you might be asked to show a valid student card.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Turku.

Free Internet hotspots & lockers

The library at Linnankatu/Kauppiaskatu (Slottsgatan/Köpmansgatan) has free lockers (only 30 cm wide) and free internet access for 15 minutes. To reserve an hour at the computers for you, you can ask at the desk next to the computers.


The best places are by the river f.ex "Kirjastosilta" bridge is a common place to see buskers. Also the pedestrian street by Hansa shopping mall is a good spot.

Travel destinations

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Dumpster diving works. The best places to find food are outside the center but they.are.GOOOOD. Also furniture and random stuff can be found, check out Roskalavat TURUSSA FB group where people post the good spots with photos and addresses.

For free things, Kirjakahvila also has a "swap table" at the entrance hall where you can take stuff and leave what you no longer need. Books, cds, clothes...


ALSO! It's possible to loan bicycles for free from the city library but you do need a library card to do so. Make local friends and ask them to help you=)

also TVO is a cool place to check out, free/cheap punk/hc/??? gigs, cheap beer and fun.