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Vaccines are essential to stay healthy while traveling. The easiest is really to go and see you doctor or even better, a vaccination center if there is one in your city. They will have the latest information and be able to advise the best depending on your destination. But hereunder a small list to give you an idea.

For vaccination it is good to do it 3 months in advance because some of them need a second or third injection to be really effective. Otherwise you might end up needing to do one on the road! You can look at your government’s website, health or travelling page. Pasteur Institutes can have some information as well. There are many debates on vaccines, on their real efficiency, on the secondary effects, the long term biological disorder, but the choice is all yours as are the consequences if you don't do them. Knowing that some countries won’t let you in without some vaccination (Yellow fever for example)!

Vaccinations for a world tour

  • Hepatitis A is highly recommended. Possible to do it at once with Typhoid.
  • Hepatitis B is very recommended as well but many people have it.
  • Typhoid is very recommended and possible to do it in the same injection as Hepatitis A.
  • Yellow fever is compulsory to enter Ethiopia for example.
  • Diphtheria, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, usually people have it, but check if you do not need a injection to reactivate it.
  • Meningitis A and C is to do if going in the Sub-Saharan areas.
  • Japanese encephalitis is only needed in South-East Asia.
  • Rabies is not compulsory, you only have to avoid being beaten by a dog. The vaccine does not protect entirely, it only gives you a few more days to reach a hospital.

But no worries, everything is going to be alright!