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Vaduz is a capital of Principality of Liechtenstein (Fürstentum Liechtenstein). It has population of around 5.5 thousand.


Everything in Vaduz is in walkable distance. To travel around Liechtenstein there are buses going to Feldkirch (Austria) and to the south, too. They seem to be blackrideable (you can enter through all the doors). Untested and frequency of ticket inspectors not known.

Accommodation & Wild Camping

There is plenty of nature to go out of the city and sleep outside around Liechtenstein. Be careful about many fields for cows. It might be dangerous.

Shower & swiming

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Dumpster diving in Liechtenstein may be difficult. With some small shop exceptions, the bins of most big supermarkets (Migros, Denner, ...) were locked or not present.


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No permit necessary. They give a paper with the following information in the townhall

Cool Places

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