WAA Düren

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WAA Düren back.jpg
Name Werkstatt für Aktionen und Alternativen (WAA)
Type Openspace, Nomadbase
Website http://waa.blogsport.de
Started 2011
Last visit never update
Costs none per day (Food and accommodation)
Location Kallsgasse 11


Werkstatt für Aktionen und Alternativen (WAA) is a Openspace in Düren , Gürzenich (Germany).

The place is part of the Freiräume foundation. The location was selected to support the resistance against lignite mining at Hambach forest. From here the first tree occupation started as a direct action against energy from coal to spark a public debate about this destructive nonsense.

The house is used by activists a lot but needs help for maintenance and renovation. Photos


projects and events. add project


The house offers a lot of possibilities to get active. The biggest lignite mining areas of Europe are just around, also the nuclear science facility in Jülich and the cities Cologne and Aachen are nearby.

How to get there

Düren is easy to reach via train. The WAA is 4km from the trainstation. You can take the bus to Gürzenich - Schillerstraße/Kapelle/chapel. If in doubt where to exit, ask the driver. Best is you have a bike with you :)