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Motto: Imagine sharing everything.

Mission: yunity encourages relationships where people can share their time, skills and resources unconditionally. Through these connections and communities we prevent waste and raise awareness for a sustainable way of living.

Vision: Our vision is a society based on self-determination, trust and cooperation which allows people to live to their full potential and to preserve ecosystems for all living beings.

yunity was started by activists from and lived through different phases. yunity is now a network made up of subprojects, mostly related to software development and project housing.

Current projects

People associated with the yunity network continue to do work on a variety of projects, which you can hear about during the fortnightly heartbeat summary. A particularly relevant project concerning nomadwiki is Kanthaus—a house for sharing—in Wurzen.

Wupphouse Bad Dürrenberg (abandoned)

Name Wupphouse Bad Dürrenberg[[name::Wupphouse Bad Dürrenberg|]]
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Wupphouse Bad Dürrenberg is in .

Ended early 2017 There is a train station in the small town of Bad Dürrenberg, about ~25 km west of Leipzig, Germany. The middle section, approximately one third, burned down in an arson attack some years ago. Without repair work or maintenance, the other sections gained some water damage.

A group of volunteers associated with the yunity network put a lot of time and energy into the train station from late 2016 to early 2017. Unfortunately, it was not possible to connect the electricity or comfortably heat the building over winter which led to many people getting exhausted. On top of that, there was a huge amount of repair work the volunteers were largely not experienced in and they had little/no financial capital.


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