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There is strong squatting culture in Barcelona and there are many squats, even in the city center. Stick around La Ramble area and talk to the people who are busking with music or magic outside the terraces.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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Internet connectivity

There is public wifi in many places. You can check the map:

Also, Apple Store at Plaça Catalunya gives away public wifi.


Terrible city for busking. If they catch you they do things like take your instrument away. it is possible to get a permit but it's pretty tricky and the competition is very professional. It is possible to busk without getting in trouble in the outer city areas, and also late at night along the big boulevard that goes between the rambla and barceloneta beach, and at the entrance of the parc de la ciutadella, or parc guel. but you are better off earning a bit extra before you arrive. there are often super grand jam sessions around the cathedral (in the gothic sector) very late at night! but again watch out for the police. they are the worst.