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This is a restored version of the old website. Information on this page is several years old and outdated.
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The Travelling school of live was a skillsharing network for moneyless travelling and learning. The website hosted a multi-lingual wiki where hosts and travellers could register themselves and publish skillsharing events. Before those workshops participants mutually agreed on the conditions of their endeavor on which base they want to share knowledge and at which cost guests are hosted. The basic principle was to keep costs as low as possible by means of recycling, swapping, free giving and fundraising. No one should be excluded from learning because of money.


Welcome to the Wiki of the Travelling School of Life! This is an interactive Website for connecting people who want to share skills and knowledge among each other and find alternative, individual ways of learning.

This Website is about selfdirected, life-long learning and exchange of skills and knowledge based on individual agreements. Our wikipages serve to make more visible that there are alternative ways of learning beyond the traditional educational institutions, and to help finding learning places and partners for sharing skills. The Travelling School of Life is an ongoing process. You can take part in developing it further - similar to Open Source software; but in real life. more

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